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US Conferencing Service Features
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Experience & Technology

At US Conferencing (a product of Gateway Communications Co.), we take your conferencing needs seriously. Headquartered in California, Gateway Communications is an experienced leader with over 10 years of experience serving all facets of the telecommunications industry. Our services are powered by industry leading state of the art telecommunications technologies. The platform provides us with the most cost efficient and enhanced service options available at rates that allow us to offer valuable savings to even the occasional user.

Cost Effective

We are capable of offering services at incredibly low prices because we keep our costs down by having a fully automated system. Initial sign-up and obtaining additional PINs are done online with a credit card.
What else sets US Conferencing apart from the competition?
  • Toll Free access -- all the time!
  • Easy to use "USC Audio" functionality -- call from anywhere, anytime!
  • One conference account code to remember -- never changes!
  • No reservations or operator assistance required
  • Available 24/7
  • No commitments / no contracts / no monthly fees!
  • Rates 50%-75% lower than traditional conferencing services
  • Billed directly to your credit card
  • Real time web controlled audio conferences with advanced call management tools including:
    1. Add/Mute/Hold participants
    2. Monitor Call-in process
    3. Set security preferences
  • Worldwide participation is available through our International access number
  • Access real time account information via the web -- flexible, detailed reporting including individual call records and call history -- perfect for maintaining your business records!

Customer Support Available 24/7

Because audio and web based conferences are very important to your business you want to know that customer support is readily available to answer your questions. With US Conferencing customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- every day of the year. You can instantly access customer support via the web at www.usconferencing.com


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